Knowledge Is Safety

We’ve prepared these resources to explain driving fundamentals and help you choose the best driving school. Contact us if you have questions, and drive safely.

Experience Matters

We have 30+ years of statewide law enforcement experience and the trust of doctors, families, insurance companies, and other local driving schools.

100% Success Rate

100% of our students succeed, because we make sure of it. Our hands-on training and close communication with families ensures the highest driver education standards.

We prepared these resources to inform you. Please call if you have questions.

Choosing A Driving School

This article explains some of the basic criteria you should use when picking a driving school. Finding the instructor right for you is important. We believe we hold ourselves up to the highest standards detailed here, and if you have any questions or comments please share them with us. The right driving school is accredited according to state laws and will prepare you to be a safe, confident driver. Driving is a serious activity that requires adequate preparation and practice.
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Road Test Preparation

Most of our students contact us for one straightforward goal: they want to pass the road test and earn their driver’s license! The freedom of the road is only one successful road test away; however, getting to and passing the road test requires preparation.Practice makes perfect! We know you’ve heard that before, but it’s especially true with driving. The more experience and practice you accumulate before your road test, the more prepared you will be to pass the road test on your first or second try and earn your driver’s license.
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Driving Basics

Throughout our years of driving instruction, we have answered almost every question someone could come up with related to driving. We have also found that 10 subjects are covered most frequently when we teach new drivers. In this article, we introduce you to those 10 topics.When you first start learning to drive, it can seem a little overwhelming. We know that, but don’t worry – you’re in good hands! Just about everyone learns to drive at some point, and most people enjoy a normal, completely safe, and fun drive every single time they get behind the wheel; however, getting to that point will take significant preparation and practice.Read More!